Excel Beginner

Started on January 1, 2021 1 Day Course


This course will enable users to learn basic best practice techniques working with Excel. It incorporates efficient ways to work with data and introduces formulas, a range of different formatting techniques and shows how to successfully print worksheets so that they make sense offline.
The course is a balanced mix of demonstration, discussion and hands-on labs.


Users who have no Excel skills, or have only used it for basic tasks such as making lists.
More experienced users who are self-taught and require refresher/best practice training.


Delegates should each have a PC to use with the full version of Excel installed. They should have a basic understanding of Windows.


  • The Excel Window
  • Navigating through your workbook, including Freeze Panes and Split Window
  • Efficiently Select ranges of data with mouse and keyboard shortcuts
  • Efficient Data Entry using Autofill and multiple cell entry of data
  • Introduction to Calculations and Formulae
  • Inserting Rows, Columns and Sheets
  • Moving and copying data – how it affects your formulae and why
  • Paste Special – Values, Column Widths, Formats, Transpose, Multiply, Add
  • Basic formatting – number types and cell fills and borders as well as text wrapping options
  • Basic Conditional Formatting
  • Collaboration Features with Excel on O365. Sharing Files, Multi-authoring and Version Control.
  • Print Formatting


1 Day course at your premises for approximately 6–8 delegates, delivered at a cost of £995
Travel expenses charged separately.
Charity & Educational discounts are available, please ask for further details.