Teams Admin Centre

Started on January 1, 2021 1 Day Course


This 1 Day course delivers an introduction to the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre. Microsoft Teams is a Microsoft 365 collaboration platform offering features for staff collaboration as well as full team collaboration. This course will give guidance on how to setup the company wide settings of Microsoft Teams, put policies in place and assist with your Teams roll out.
This course is a balanced mix of demonstration, discussion and hands-on labs.


Aimed at IT staff to understand the core management of Microsoft Teams and gain an understanding of End User functionality.
These staff will act as a help point for end users, assisting in user adoption and supporting their peers.


  • Intro to MS Teams and MS365 Groups
      • How Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups and SharePoint fit together
      • Management of Teams using Desktop app and Admin Centre
  • Best Practices and Specifications
      • Setting organisation wide settings
      • Policies overview and configuration
      • Live meetings and conferencing
      • Implementing MS Teams: what do you need for a successful roll-out
      • Governance, working group for implementation, champions
  • Demos and Exercises
  • Teams Admin – Managing Teams
      • Managing Team membership and roles
      • Usage reports
  • Roll-out
      • Options to roll-out Teams
      • Teams and Skype for Business modes
  • Teams Roadmap Exercise


1 day training £1,000+VAT for up to 6 people
Charity & educational discounts are available, please ask for further information.